The mission of High Windy Adventures is to connect people of all ages to the their roots by nurturing a mindful relationship with the nature. Through conservation-based, expertly facilitated wilderness experiences, classes and workshops, we aim to help build your outdoor confidence so that you feel empowered to experience the world you live in to the fullest.

Reduce Your Backcountry Footprint!

Ever consider the impact you leave on our great mother earth as outdoor enthusiast?
Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to leave a lasting scar on the very environment we love so dearly. Sadly these impacts are becoming more notable on our trail systems and backcountry campsites. Between trash dumping, trail cutting and the lack of backcountry conservation practices, our forest are at great risk of overuse and abuse.

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Wellness Programs

Here at High Windy, we believe hiking is a great activity for body, mind and spirit! It’s a gentle, low impact, aerobic activity that boasts numerous health benefits and, if combined with mind/body awareness, can increase strength, stamina and improve balance. Find your way out of town and onto a local trail system with us as we start our four-week Hike for Wellness program.

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